Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

Salah Jahin's Quatrains - Artworks Ehab Aziz

Film by Ehab Aziz 

Salah Jahin's Quatrains 

رباعيات صلاح 

 My heart used to be a sistrum, then it become a bell

When I jingled with it, the servants and guards waked up!

I'm the clown.. Why did you stand up?

Why did you get scared?!

I neither have a sword in my hand nor a horse below me!

I Wonder!

انا قلبي كان شخشيخه أصبح جرس

 جلجلت به صحيوا الخدم و الحرس

 أنا المهرج ... قمتو ليه خفتو ليه

 لا ف إيدي سيف و لا تحت مني فرس

 عجبي !

 Translated By: Mohamed khedr

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