Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

The notables have betrayed you

Animation by Ehab Aziz
Words by Abdel-Rahman El-Abnoudi

لأعيــــان خـــانوكي
سـارقين طين أبوكي
لعـــدوّك بــاعــوكي
ولإيــــد الــــزمــــن

Your sorrow besieges you
And your worries exhaust you
And why?
Why can’t you cry

The notables have betrayed you
Those who stole your land,
Sold you to your enemy
And did not look back

They sacrificed you and watched you
Being slaughtered
They laughed and left you
And went to get paid

They undressed you in their courtyards
And no one blamed them
They raised their ears 
And wore their bells

Your executioner is a lawyer
Your protector is a thief
What use are my words?
When you are a mute