Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

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Landshut - Germany

Landshut is a delightful town just north-east of Munich. It is on the Isar River, and was once the capital of Lower Bavaria. The city was founded in 1204 and later became the residence of the dukes of Bavaria-Landshut in 1255.

Landshut at Night

Altstadt is the central stop in the old town, located in the non-pedestrianized part of Altstadt street. It is the hub of the network where all lines meet. There is also an Airport Bus straight to Munich airport which departs here.

"Landshut by bike"

Combine sportive activities with art and culture! Landshut is bicycle friendly and directly situated along the Isar river bicycle trail. Bike-rider`s hearts will beat faster here! Experience the charm of a real “feel good town". You encounter a well preserved impressive historic town center, romantically curved lanes, some things unique and some extraordinary. On your bike you conquer many of the historic highlights of Landshut, such as the Town Hall, the fassade of which became famous through the TV series “ Um Himmels Willen". You visit the court yard of the Ducal palace, the 1st. Renaissance palace north of the Alps, The Basilica St. Martin with the highest steeple of the world, made of bricks, as well as one of the biggest convents of the Cisterciens Order in the German speaking area, the convent “Kloster Seligenthal", these are just some of your stops on the bicycle tour. Doing sports makes you feel hungry, that`s well known – Enjoy as a part of your sportive trip the wide range of Landshut`s varied restaurants. Traditional pubs, lively street cafès and idyllic Bavarian open-air inns, called “Biergardens" are located in and around the picturesquely painted bourgeoise houses. Just close your eyes for a moment and enjoy our hospitality!